Announcing the release of SYMMETRY version 1.2, including support for SketchUp 2019


SYMMETRY version 1.2 includes additions to online collaboration functionality that allows users to more effectively present and communicate within VR along with support for SketchUp 2019.

See below for a list of new features and revisions.

20190520_SYMMETRY news


Gather Invite collaborators to gather around your position in SYMMETRY VR with the click of a button. Very useful when working with multiple users in a large model.


Join View a list of users and teleport to their location in SYMMETRY VR.

Laser pointer

Laser pointer Use a laser pointer to point out areas of interest to other users in SYMMETRY VR. A small but highly requested feature.

SketchUp 2019 support

SYMMETRY version 1.2 includes support for importing files into VR from SketchUp 2019 along with the SYMMETRY Plugin for SketchUp.

UI improvements

We’ve revised the user interface in SYMMETRY VR to aid in the usage of daylight and measure functionality.

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